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Being bold isn’t about being the loudest and making the most noise; it’s about daring to be different through communication.

We are Be Bold – and everything we do is concentrated on delivering results for our clients. From service sector to advanced manufacturing, environmental technology to economic development policy, our track record speaks for itself.

We talk the language of business as well as the language of the newsroom, giving us a rare blend of skills and insight which we put to use on your behalf, crafting content, building social media presence and creating or amplifying the tone of voice for your business.


Enhanced engagement with your target audience, a raised profile
for your company, and a virtuous circle of communications across digital and mainstream platforms to ensure reach and relevance.

Whether we are the calm voice in a media crisis, creating

infographics for key audiences, developing case studies or writing your news story to release to the media, blogging, pinning, tweeting or sharing, Be Bold is your bolt-on PR and communications team.

Ultimately, we add value to your business.


Words. They mean nothing until you say
the right ones to the right people


Be Bold offers a proven cross-platform and results-driven approach to business communications. Our directors are former journalists with an inside knowledge of the media and impeccable contacts.

Amy Bould, experienced in broadcast and print, is a former news and business editor with one of the UK’s top five regional newspapers

and Mark Waugh, with a background in radio, print and corporate comms, is an award-winning digital media editor and journalist.

The team includes consultants with both international and national PR agency experience, a former news editor of a leading national industry title and a multi-award winning photographer.


Content. Research, relevance and resonance
– they're everything

About Continued

Every business is a media business. The changing communications landscape means you can speak directly to your target audiences, to the markets and the customers which matter most. But they have to want to read what you write, like what you do and trust you to know what they want. That’s where the new three Rs come in.
Creating engaging content is not about buzzwords, jargon or meaningless quotes which fill white space; it’s finding out what you want to say, who you want to say it to and developing a relationship with clients and customers which will ultimately improve your bottom line.


Be Bold’s unique blend of journalism and public relations experience has seen us win clients across the UK, developing regional, national and international campaigns throughout
a range of sectors.

Whether we’re working with one of our service sector SMEs, multi-site manufacturing businesses or FTSE-listed companies, our core values and ethos remain the same. And our success on behalf of our clients is our calling card.


Clients Continued

Share. It's not enough to simply
tell the story

Clients Story

The story is, and has always been, what matters most. Without the story behind the business, the deal, the contract, the people, there is nothing to say. But it’s not just about telling, it’s about sharing.
Sharing across traditional and new media, across a multitude of digital platforms. We understand the social space in which every business now operates – and know how best to leverage it for the benefit of our clients.


A flood of spin washes away the chairman

Spin, as we all now understand the term in a PR sense, died quite some time ago. Some ‘practitioners’ still like to play with silly tricks, like saving up their bad news for a busy news day in the hope that no-one will notice. But the approach whereby you twist words and ‘bend’ the truth […]

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Advertising – apparently the cure to a national crisis!

“What care recruitment crisis? They should have advertised the posts, then there would be no crisis.” Editor of a free local newspaper

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Blue lights and sirens? Yes, please!

I’d be willing to bet there’s been at least once in your life when you wished you had blue lights and sirens on your car. Maybe it was just because you’d love to give a scare to that idiot who went past at 11omph. Or maybe you had to get a loved one to hospital […]

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A lesson in crisis comms from Alton Towers

The events at Alton Towers just over a week ago were horrifying, partly because anyone who’s been on a rollercoaster has had the little nag at the back of their mind about what happens if something goes wrong. I suppose that’s part of the appeal. Of course, as is the norm now, there were moving […]

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FYI – sponsorship value is not all about ROI

FYI – sponsorship value is not all about ROI

Want, want, want…. but what’s in it for me? Return on investment. That’s what everyone wants. In fact, we even heard it from a politician once. It’s the value you get from your spend or your time. But what is becoming increasingly obvious is that not all people, or all businesses, view value as meaning the same thing.

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